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What makes a student a great addition to a startup team?

I was curious about what do companies value the most when the recruit and hire students right from the universities. The following interview tries to answer this question from a startup perspective. This was the first interview on this topic with more to follow in the coming weeks. If you are interested tune in, subscribe to the podcast, and leave a comment.

How to appropriate theories?

The Journal of Strategic Information System has asked some of the star researchers of the Information Systems discipline to comment on our paper “The role of Transaction Cost Economics in Information Technology Outsourcing Research: A Meta-Analysis of the Choice of Contract Type.

Elsevier offers free access to the paper and the commentaries for 50 days. Go an download the paper and the commentaries here:


Commentary by Mary C Lacity and Shaji A Khan:

Our response:

Commentary by Benoit Aubert and Suzanne Rivard:

Commentary by Allen Lee:

The Role of Transaction Cost Economics in Information Technology Outsourcing Research: A Meta-Analysis of the Choice of Contract Type

Two recent reviews report that the empirical findings in information technology outsourcing (ITO) research are frequently inconsistent with the prevailing dominant analytical framework of transaction cost economics (TCE). While employing similar methodologies, the two reviews propose different strategies to resolve the inconsistencies. One is to improve the methodological rigor, specifically, the operationalization of TCE constructs. The other is to abandon TCE in favor of a new analytical framework. This paper presents a meta-analysis of the empirical findings on the choice of contract type as a function of task uncertainty. The results support both strategies. Refining the operationalization of TCE constructs, specifically of task uncertainty, would have improved the reliability of findings on TCE-based relationships between task uncertainty and the choice of contract type. However, independent of such methodological improvements, TCE is of limited relevance in recent ITO research for predicting the choice of contract type. Generalizing these findings, we conclude that ITO research requires a new analytical framework to further develop the theory of ITO and to provide sound guidance to the ITO industry.

forthcoming in Journal of Strategic Information Systems (JSIS)

Map of SAP Transactions

I have started doodling in the nerdiest way possible. This is a map of all important transactions in a SAP system that are being discussed in the SAP textbook by Simhar R. Magal & Jeffrey Word.



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